CWIFF – India’s Biggest Unified Film Festival is an integration of film, creativity and entertainment. CWIFF 2014, Chennai, is being organized and managed by Eventaa SouthIndia Productions (ESP). CWIFF is a one of a kind event that gives ample opportunities for film makers in every type of film – be it a short film, documentary, ad film or a feature film. The event is not only for film makers and film buffs; it is a festival of sorts with a range of fun filled activities for a complete week. The screening of films will be open to the general public.

Workshops, exhibitions, inaugural and other grand staged shows will keep them engrossed and help them learn more about this field and fuel their interests. CWIFF will have participants from all over the globe it being an International event.


CWIFF is a unified platform for film makers in all categories of films ranging from ad film, short film, documentary and feature film. CWIFF encourages professionals, semi professionals, amateurs and students even. This event is a 4 day film extravaganza and it will be graced by participants from all over the world.